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Wellness / Vaccinations

Imagine not seeing a doctor for 7 years? That's what its like for your pet when he sees the Doctor only 1 time per year.

Pets need routine check ups too in order to maintain a healthy happy life. Even if your pet seems strong and healthy, Companion Animal Clinic recommends proactive routine pet care. 


We understand that you know your pet best. But with a collaborative preventative approach, we can many times detect any underlying problems that could very well lead to the early diagnosis of a disease or illness. And with early detection, chances for a successful treatment are often much higher. 

Companion Animal Clinic

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Wellness Exams

Routine Exam Services

From your first puppy or kitten appointment, our veterinarians will perform a complete nose to tail examination. Our doctors will examine your pets health by evaluating the eyes, ears, mouth, coat & skin, weight and urogenital area - looking for any potentially troubling health signs.

Behavior Consultation

Sometimes even your furry companion acts naughty. The prevention wellness exam will allow us to discuss recent changes in your pets behavior, activity level, eating habits and more. We will advise you on home care practices and recommend treatments for your pet. 


Why take a chance with your pets' health? Pet vaccines are the safest and most effective way to prevent contracting a preventable disease. Our veterinarians will develop a customized vaccine schedule that considers your furry companions lifestyle and overall health before administering any vaccinations. 

Heartworm, Flea, Tick & Parasite Prevention

Sad but true - parasite prevention is a year round issue even in Iowa. Those nasty parasites can remain alive in our yards throughout the winter. Companion Animal Clinic recommends keeping your dogs on heartworm meds year round - just to be safe.