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Companion Animal Portraits

Would you like a colorful, unique and innovative painting of your pet? We have partnered with an artist that is offering to paint your pets, using acrylic paints on canvas. She is offering a variety of canvas sizes and will work with you individually to be certain your pet is captured perfectly.  

My name is  Cindy Stubbs and I am now commissioning pet portraits. I am Dr. Ben's mother and have taken up painting in retirement from graphic design background. I have attended painting lessons while spending time in Arizona but I am not a professionally trained artist. So while I am charging for commissioned pet portraits, I have kept my prices as affordable as possible. 

Companion Animal Portraits 

Please contact me through email for questions and/or to start a commission.  I will communicate with you through your email or will ask for your phone number if needed to talk to you in person about your commission.


The process is simple. You select a canvas size then email me a photo of the pet you would like me to paint using the photo guidelines below:

  • Photos must be clear enough that I can see your pet's eyes. 

  • At this point in my "painting career," I am only painting heads, shoulders and front paws. I do not feel ready or accomplished enough to paint full bodies. 

  • Photos can be taken using your phone, but again must be clear enough that I can see the eyes. Obviously, the more details in your pet's photo, the more details I can add to the painting.

  • Please let me know if you have specific colors you either like or dislike. I will try to incorporate those colors or steer away from those. 

  • I am only painting in arbitrary colors as of right now. As I progress in my painting experience, that may change down the road. Perhaps one day I will offer painting using more realism techniques. 

  • If you have completion deadlines, please let me know right away. I will meet deadlines as long as they are reasonable.  I will tell you up front the amount of lead time I will need depending on difficulty and/or commissions scheduled. 

  • The prices listed below are for one subject (one pet). If you request more than one pet on a canvas, the price will be higher than quoted. I will work with you individually regarding a price up front.


Canvas Sizes/Prices

The canvases below are quoted using square sizes only and are for a deep edging (1.5") - usually hung without a frame. 

If you prefer a different size than what is quoted below, we can discuss individually. 

12x12 Canvas   =  $150

16x16 Canvas  =  $200

18x18 Canvas  =  $225

20x20 Canvas  =  $250

24x24 Canvas  =  $300

30x30 Canvas  =  $325

36x36 Canvas  =  $400

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