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Advanced Pet Therapeutics and Diagnostics


Sadly, our pets can go from perfectly healthy to ill or injured in an instant.  Veterinary diagnostics help us treat your pet and keep your furry companion healthy. From fecal testing to check for intestinal parasites, to blood work to check for a thyroid disorder, Companion Animal Clinic maintains the latest in tools and equipment to quickly analyze your pet's health. 

In an emergency situation, Companion Animal Clinic & Pet Resort provides a hospital setting allowing us to quickly stabilize, diagnose and hospitalize your pet if needed. With our network of board certified specialists, we are able to confer to be certain your pet is getting the best veterinary care possible.

We offer state-of-the-art digital X-Rays and a new Ultrasound. Therapeutics / Diagnostics - Companion Animal Clinic - Cedar Falls, Waterloo Veterinarian

Digital X-Rays

Digital X-rays are quick, painless, safe and one of the best diagnostic tools available to veterinarians. With the speed at which digital X-rays are performed, pets that tend to be anxious will not require sedation. And when needed, we can instantly share the digital X-rays with a veterinary specialist


When treating sick or injured pets, radiographs are used to check for fractures or potential joint issues, as well as abdominal and chest cavity surveillance. Digital X-rays will help us detect problems such as:

  • Broken bones

  • Arthritis

  • Bone deformities

  • Foreign bodies in the GI tract

  • Tumors

  • An enlarged heart


Just like in human medicine, Ultrasound can help us see things that digital X-ray cannot. It takes a different approach to imaging your pet's internal systems, using high-frequency soundwaves instead of radiation. For a clearer picture of the soft-tissue organs, ultrasound is the ideal choice. Furthermore, it produces a moving image in real time we can use to evaluate organ size, texture, and function. With ultrasound, our team can detect and diagnose:

  • Pregnancies

  • Cysts and tumors

  • Fluid in the lungs and abdomen

  • Bladder and kidney stones

Veterinary Laboratory

Our clinic offers an onsite veterinary laboratory . This means we can get answers to you quickly about your pet's health. With an in house lab, we are able to test blood, urine, feces, and a variety of dermatological issues. Many times we can provide a diagnosis while you wait or by the next day.


What Our Pet Parents are Saying!

I have finally found a vet office that cares for my animals as much as me and my hubby do. You always make us feel as if we are a part of your family. I am extremely grateful for you, and all the staff.  My boys love coming in, and although Gunner has had his fair share of surgeries he is always happy to see both Dr Colleen and Dr Ben."
Bridgette S and Gunner
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