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Superior Boarding for Dogs, Cats & Exotics


Its not always possible to travel with your pet yet leaving your furry companion can be stressful. Companion Animal Clinic and Pet Resort now offers a superior boarding facility with spacious suites for dogs and multi-level condos for cats.


We offer plenty of space, comfort, medical supervision and attention and make your pet feel right at home.  With warm bedding, delicious treats and activities galore, your pet will surely enjoy their home away from home. And remember with Companion Animal Clinic and Pet Resort, your pet is surrounded by medical and emergency care if the need arises. Take comfort knowing your pet is being loved and cared for, just like we do our own. Please call us today so we can give you a tour of our facility before booking your boarding reservation.

Companion Animal Clinic offers an exclusive "cat room" for our feline friends
When your dog deserves the very best, Companion Animal Clinic offers luxury kennels with each dog having a private doggie door to their own private outside space
Deluxe kennels at Companion Animal Clinic. We offer kennels for all shapes and sizes of dogs and accomodation requests
Even little dogs have their own special area and appropriate sized kennels at Companion Animal Clinic

Comfortable, Secure Boarding

  • Year round climate controlled environment

  • Off the ground deluxe dog beds

  • Take dogs out for exercise and bathroom breaks 4-6 times a day

  • Provide clean, soft bedding or welcome to bring your own

  • Quiet cat condo room

  • Daily housekeeping with pet friendly products

  • Follow owner’s instructions regarding feeding and medication schedules

  • Nutritious food provided or bring your own food option

  • One-on-one cuddle time offered

  • Provide yummy healthy treats (with owners permission)

  • Appointment scheduling for grooming, nail trims, or any other veterinary medical services at our clinic

  • Surrounded by medical and emergency care if needed

Boarding Rates

  • Cat Boarding: $20 per night
  • Luxury Dog Boarding: $55 per night

$25 per night each additional dog

  • Deluxe Dog Boarding:$35 per night

$20 per night each additional dog

  • Small Kennel Dog Boarding: $25 per night

$15 per night each additional dog

  • T.L.C. Package $5/day
The T.L.C. Package includes a daily picture, email update, and an extra noon and evening snack.
  • Medication administration  $2/day
  • Insulin administration $5/day
  • Individual play time or snuggle time $12/day
  • Daycare while boarding $17/day

Must pass the Temperament testing to ensure the safety of all the daycare visitors.

Dog Boarding

Deluxe Suites

Companion Animal Clinic and Pet Resort in Cedar Falls features a variety of rooms and suites, in temperature-controlled environments. Your pet will have both indoor and outdoor activities as well as a deluxe bed. We accept up to 2 toys per suite. Please permanently label all personal belongings with your pets first and last name prior to arrival. Please do not bring dog toys smaller than a tennis ball.

Luxury Suites

We offer 5 Luxury Suites with extra room to lounge and relax – measuring 6’x7’. Each suite is furnished with a deluxe bed with an individual doggie door to your dog's own personal outdoor run. 

Cat Condos

Overnight boarders as well as Daycare guests will have their own “Feline Only” room. Your furry feline will be able to enjoy this dog free – sound proof area. A cat playroom area is also available and each cat will be given time individually to explore, climb and appease his or her frisky side.  

Boarding Health Requirements

To keep our facility, staff and guests free from disease, we require your cats and dogs must be up to date on vaccinations and specific tests. We are always available to update your pets with these requirements upon check-in if necessary. We highly encourage your dog's bordetella vaccine a minimum of 2 weeks prior to boarding as it takes time for the vaccine to build immunity.

  • Rabies vaccine

  • Bordetella vaccine

  • Distemper 

  • Rabies vaccine

  • Distemper vaccine

Pet Boarding Policies

  • A deposit may be required for boarding, depending on dates requested. That deposit is fully refundable as long as all changes to the boarding stay are made at least 1 full week prior to the start date of the boarding reservation. 

  • We provide nutritional foods for our guests. If you pet requires a specific diet, please bring their meals in pre-measured, individual portions


  • We provide our own food, water bowls and bedding

  • Please bring any required medication for your pet in their original containers complete with dosage and dispensing instructions

What Our Pet Parents are Saying!

“Thanks to Dr. Colleen for her kindness and compassion, I/we feel great about bringing Snoopie and Petra in for their check ups and whatever else they may need. We trust her decision no matter what. Dr. Colleen and Dr. Ben came highly recommended by Dr. Melick and he was right!! They truly are the best. they both seem to really care about our little ones and for us, Thank you Dr. Colleen and Dr. Ben.”
Charles & Denise T
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