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Pet Dental Care

While most pet owners are very dedicated to their companions with regards to their nutrition, wellness checks and even spending time together, many owners don't realize the importance of pet dental care.  Be it plaque control, cavity prevention or bad breath, the truth is dental disease can cause serious health problems.

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Did you know 70-80% of dogs and cats develop dental disease by the age of 3. The continuous buildup of plaque and tarter can damage your pets internal organs, not just his mouth. 

Professional Cleaning

During your pets' annual wellness exam, we will assess your pet's teeth and gums. Our diagnosis will determine if your pet would benefit from a professional cleaning. 

Our professional cleaning will include complete ultrasonic scaling, subgingival cleaning, polishing and flouride treatment. Anesthesia is necessary to perform a thorough and efficient dental cleaning. Just like with every surgery performed at our clinic, we take every precaution possible to minimize risks to your pet. After a professional cleaning, your pets mouth will be healthy again and free of pain. 



Care at Home

Now your furry companion will need your help. Just like after your visit to the dentist, your pet will start developing plaque within hours of a professional cleaning. You can help your pet maintain good oral health and prolong time between professional cleanings with regular home dental care. Dr. Ben & Dr. Coll recommend brushing your pets teeth daily. Providing tarter control chews and bones can also help with tarter buildup.