Dog and Cat ID Microchip

Due to a simple, painless procedure called Pet Microchip - thousands of pets have been reunited with their families. We use the Home Again microchip system. A microchip is a rice sized device that can be easily inserted under your pet’s skin between the should blades. This microchip remains with the pet for its entire life. It is as quick and painless as a vaccine. We register the owner’s information with a national database through Home Again. If a lost pet is found, the owner can be contacted and reunited quickly. Most veterinarians and animal shelters have scanners that read the microchip number and allow the owner to be identified.

Tiny Microchip Means Huge Protection

Give your pet the protection he/she deserves. Our veterinarians can accomplish this with a simple, painless procedure. Call today at 319-277-2354 or contact us here to schedule a Microchip ID appointment. 

What Our Pet Parents are Saying!

Dr. Ben and Dr. Colleen are the best of the best when it comes to compassionate and knowledgeable veterinarians. It is so evident how much they truly care for our pets."
Jamie P. and Willow

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Dr. Ben Nemmers, Dr. Colleen Nemmers and Dr. Amanda Ritter are proud to continue our long-standing tradition of providing general and advanced veterinary care to the Cedar Falls, Waterloo and surrounding communities. Our team at Companion Animal Clinic & Pet Resort would love to meet you and your furry companion. Rest assured we care for your pets just as we do our own.  

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