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Veterinary Surgery

If you pet needs surgery, we can understand your initial feelings of apprehension. But rest  assured Companion Animal Clinic takes every precaution possible to keep your pet safe before, during and after surgery. Our highly experienced veterinarians and skilled nursing staff utilize advanced anesthesia, monitoring, and pain management techniques to provide our patients with the safest and most comfortable surgical experience in the Cedar Valley. 

Companion Animal Clinic

2504 Waterloo Road

Cedar Falls, Iowa 50613

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Our expertly trained veterinarians perform scheduled surgeries multiple days per week while emergencies are performed immediately whenever necessary.

Spay and Neuter Surgery 

Both of these surgeries are a must for your pets preventative wellness. They are designed to help dramatically reduce the risk of cancer in your pet as well as help prevent roaming and aggressive behavior. 


This surgery is preventative (during a spay or neuter) and can potentially save your pets life by preventing a fatal stomach twist. Our veterinarians will permanently tack your pets the stomach to the body wall. 

Dental Surgery

If your pet suffers from severely damaged or infected teeth or even oral cancer, dental surgery may be necessary, in order to save the surrounding teeth and/or remove the cancer cells.  

Emergency Surgery 

We are prepared to perform emergency surgery immediately in order to save your furry companions life or relieve an acute situation. Some of those conditions include difficult labor, foreign object, broken bones, deep lacerations and urinary blockages. 

Orthopedic Surgery 

Our veterinarians have extensive experience in orthopedic procedures that address hip joints affected by dysplasia, reconstruction or modification to torn ligaments in the knee joint or general injuries due to degenerative problems that are causing chronic pain or lameness. 

While we bring a board certified Orthopedic surgeon to our clinic for advanced surgeries, many orthopedic procedures are handled by our highly experienced in house veterinarians. 

Internal/External Surgical Treatment

Pets need surgery for a variety of internal or externals issues that threatens their health.  We surgically remove tumors both inside and outside of the body, repair damaged organs and help provide C-sections during labor.