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Behavior Counseling

Sometimes even your furry companion acts naughty. If you are struggling with bad pet behavior or want to learn more about this topic before it becomes a problem in your home, Companion Animal Clinic is here to help. Sometimes pets act out due to a lack of training or as a way to get attention. Other times a medical problem may be to blame. Regardless of the reason, unwanted behavior can drive a wedge between you and your furry companion. We’re here to help you get to the bottom of the bad behavior.​

Companion Animal Clinic

2504 Waterloo Road

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The prevention wellness exam will allow us to discuss recent changes in your pets behavior, activity level, eating habits and more. We will advise you on home care practices and recommend treatments for your pet. Our team is trained and experienced in understanding pet behavior. We will evaluate your pet’s situation and rule out any possible medical causes. We will then work with you offering information, advice and resources to help eliminate the unwanted pet behavior.

Whether you’re dealing with a house training issue or something complex like aggression or separation anxiety – we are here to offer solutions that will restore a positive, peaceful relationship with your pet.